Welcome to ancient china!

Welcome, bold adventurers to the world of Mizushi Dragons Club.
Begotten by a council of Parisian thinkers and creatives, Mizushi is a fantastical creature.
Born from both the splendid power of music and the wondrous potential of NFTs, Mizushi intends to change the world and
offer an innovative, new way to consume music! 

Olivier The artist Designer and digital creator at DISNEYLAND PARIS, has given Mizushi life and form, forged by code and art to bring excitement to whomever is lucky enough to find him!  

Welcome to the world of dragons MIZUSHI.
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Born on the Solana blockchain,
Mizushi is a pleasant, relaxing presence that spends his days imbuing peace through music and haze.
He is a popular champion among those who seek out good times, and legend has it that bowls carved from his scales grant their smoker a euphoria that never ends. This peace however, was a temporary feature of this world. One day, the agents of chaos and distress sought to consume the world, and instead of spreading music, they infected the minds of men with mediocrity and paperwork. Mizushi saw this and was horrified. He could not permit it to continue. Too many friends he saw were devolving into mindless thralls with no sense of joy or adventure. So, Mizushi did all he knew how he fought distress with music and weed. The initial battles were hard fought, and Mizushi could not take on all that plagued the world. His hazen breath was depleted, and he needed rest. To this end, he returned to his home, the Solana Sanctorum, and partook in a mighty weed. It is said that he inhaled for 30 days and 30 nights all while booming music shook the walls of his home with rad tones and amazing riffs! These two powers combined, healed and empowered Mizushi. He soared back to the world in a plume of thick clouds and confronted again the plagues of man. This time, Mizushi disbanded the mind killers, and chased them away until their fleeing feet were louder than his battle music! Having saved the world from lameness and boredom, Mizushi rests again, empowering himself by way of epic weed and radical music.


Our plans for the future

Phase 01
The Mizushi Start
Q1 - NOW ​
✧ Community Building
We believe that sharing your knowledge in the community will help people to grow together.

Remember that the community channels are a safe place to share ideas and place for positive vibes so people can become better and grow together.
✧ Marketplace Partnership​
Establishment of all our partnerships with the various partners that we will have acquired.

Establishment of ecological partnership with ENREX to make our ecosystem clean for the environment.
✧ Mint Announcement
Announce date and number of NFTs in collection.
Phase 02
Mizushi develop
✧ Mintpass & Pre-sale​
555 uniquely generated
NFT Mint date: 23/11/22
Mint price: 3.

With the random mint you do not know beforehand who you will get from the collection.
Holders of Mizushi® will be able to get access to new channels in our discord.
✧ Mizushi Public Sale​
Market launch of the Solana collection.

A couple days after the mint we will reveal the Mizushi® and you will be able to trade the NFTs
and build a collection of your favorite Mizushi®.
✧ Rarity & Sales Tools ​
Establishment of a rarity classification for the collection.

✧ Benefits and Value for Holders​
Free NFT drop, percentage on future MIZUSHI merchandising.

✧ Multiple Gifts and Airdrop​
Will have exclusive access to several airdrops,
access to concert tickets, lodging, meeting with artist, studio session, mix, mastering and more.

By contribution to the country and infrastructure at our disposal.
✧ NFT Staking & Yield Farming​
Implementation of the staking system from the launch of the collection to guarantee buyers a return on investment and profits as quickly as possible.

Phase 03
& Mizu DAO
✧ Unique and Serial MIZUSHI Figure Creation.
Development of limited series of 1 copy and large collection of our dear Mizushi®.
Will allow to sell and buy instrumental, Beats in Crypto (Solana blockchain) or in $MIZU.
✧ Event Organization ​
Concert and music festival project launch.
✧ MIZUSHI Council Elections
Election of officers of each club.
We will launch a merch line of Mizushi® after the mint.

Opening of a MIZUSHI store that takes us on a journey between music and magic, with music, vinyls, cds, cassettes... and MIZUSHI merchandising.
Holders will have an exclusive discount on the merch. 
Phase 04
✧ Mizuland Coffeeshop
It will be the place of relaxation par excellence, any holder of MIZUSHI will have the right to privileges in this fabulous place.
Disclosure of the V2 ROADMAP...
✧ More to Announce
30% of the mint revenue will be allocated towards Community airdrops, game rewards, liquidity, direct investments and more.

Community Royalty
20% royalty on all secondary market sales will act as working capital for the community.

2.5% NFT Reserve will be reserved for the community airdrops, marketing and more.

We’re sensitive to over-promising and
Below is a roadmap that lays out what we’re doing now and in the near future.
At every turn we’ll strive to delight our community by delivering more than
we thought we could.

The team

Every investment you make should be a bet on the team.

That is why we chose to reveal ourselves on the site.
With our experience, we will grow this project into a Music industry and 3D design , making sure we give value back to the people who support Mizushi.


Is a veteran designer with leading expertise in 3D and art design in DISNEY.
Trained in the best schools and audiovisual studio, our friend has spent more than ten years drawing for the biggest companies and today we share all this creativity in this project.

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Building on their long year as a composer in urban music and in business development, marketing and community management.
NFTs and challenges are the passion of these dragons.

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Our marketing developer who after several years watching the world of crypto and nft has decided to take the plunge.

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Our 2d artist currently in art school who brings us this freshness to our project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's an NFT?

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Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on the Blockchain.
These smart-contract powered tokens can be used to represent ownership of unique items because they can only have one official owner at a time no one can modify the record of ownership or copy/paste a new NFT into existence.

I'm new to Solana, how do I buy a Mizushi NFT?

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Welcome, we 💜 Solana because it's fast, secure, scalable, and has much lower transaction fees compared to Ethereum. To get set up on Solana you will need set-up a Solana-based wallet, we recommend Phantom. Having a Martian wallet gives you access to decentralised apps and a Solana address.

What is the price to mint a Mizushi?

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The mint price has 3 sol, join our Discord or follow us on Twitter for updates

Will there be a pre-sale?

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Yes, we'll conduct a pre-sale to reward early supporters with guaranteed access to mint Mizushi before the public sale. You must have a White Listed or OG roles to participate in pre-sale.

Who’s the team behind Mizushi?

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The Mizushi Crew is a group of talented artists and devs.
Our team has deep experience in cartoon development, engineering, product marketing, and 3D design and animation. You'll learn more about our team in our weekly open community AMAs.